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Moroccan Style Bohemian Cornice

Embrace the essence of luxury with our Moroccan-Style Bohemian Cornice, a masterpiece of New York's diverse architectural spirit. Each piece, a celebration of Venetian plaster craftsmanship, is an homage to the sophisticated allure of NYC. Our local artisans, famed for their skill in Venetian plaster cornice boards, infuse each creation with a blend of dark bronze and antique gold, offering an exclusive touch to your New York habitat.

Custom Craftsmanship for Your Unique Space:

Your home is more than a structure; it's a mirror of your inner world. Our Venetian plaster NYC cornices are crafted, not manufactured, ensuring each piece is as individual as you are. Collaborating closely with you, our team of expert designers and Venetian plaster artisans tailor your cornice board to resonate with your personal style and the distinct rhythm of your space.

Adaptable Elegance for Every New York Home:

Whether gracing a chic SoHo loft or a luxurious Fifth Avenue penthouse, our Moroccan-Style Bohemian Cornice, featuring the finest Venetian plaster NYC has to offer, harmonizes with any décor. It's not just a cornice board; it's a statement of timeless elegance and personal expression.

Our commitment to luxury and exclusivity extends beyond residential spaces. We invite collaboration with interior designers, luxury property developers, boutique hotels, and high-end retail boutiques. Our Venetian plaster craftsmanship is versatile, transcending the traditional boundaries of cornice boards. We are excited to tailor our designs to any environment, bringing a touch of personalized elegance to spaces that crave a unique, artistic touch. Whether it's enhancing a high-end hotel lobby or adding a distinctive flair to a luxury boutique, our work is designed to complement and elevate any space, wherever your vision leads.

Reach out to us today and discover how the Moroccan-Style Bohemian Cornice can transform your New York space into a bespoke canvas of artistry and luxurious living.

Bohemian Rhapsody: The Moroccan-Style Cornice by Iam-ness

Queens-crafted artistry meets Moroccan flair in this statement cornice. Hand-textured Venetian plaster adorned with dark metallic mandalas crowns vibrant green curtains, a touch of global elegance for your NYC sanctuary.

Bohemian Rhapsody: The Moroccan-Style Cornice by Iam-ness

Imagine your windows adorned with this Moroccan-inspired masterpiece. Venetian plaster swirls in a symphony of dark metallic mandalas, complemented by jewel-toned curtains. Transform your space – Call for you custom consultation today!