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Deer Cornice

About Us

The Epitome of Bespoke Luxury Decor in Queens, NY Welcome to the pinnacle of bespoke luxury decor at Iam-ness in Queens, NY. We redefine elegance and exclusivity, offering unparalleled bespoke artistry for both home and commercial decor. Our clientele, both elite and aspirational, enjoy decor that transcends mere luxury to become a lifestyle statement. Our offerings range from unique kitchen cabinet doors to exquisite Venetian plaster cornice boards, each detail meticulously crafted to mirror the unique spirit of our discerning clients. Personalized Luxury: Embracing Your Unique 'I AM-ness' We delve into the subtleties of luxury, embarking on a personalized journey with each client. Our affluent and aspirational clientele crave exclusivity that echoes their distinct 'I AM-ness'. Whether it’s the complex design of bespoke kitchens or the elegance of our luxurious decor, we ensure each element embodies the individuality of its owner. Craftsmanship that Exudes Excellence. Our dedication to excellence is steadfast. In Queens New York, where the market values bespoke craftsmanship, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality. From selecting the finest materials to the final execution, our work exemplifies luxury and refinement. Spaces That Reflect Prestige and Ambition. In the world of Iam-ness, luxury tells a story. Our artistic kitchens and bespoke commercial spaces are more than functional; they’re vibrant showcases of prestige, exclusivity, and a testament to the sophisticated lifestyles and aspirations of our clients. Experience Unrivaled Luxury Decor with Iam-ness At Iam-ness, luxury decor is an extraordinary experience. Our collaborative approach marries our expertise with your vision, creating spaces that are uniquely yours. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business leader in Queens NY or beyond, join us in a quest for unmatched elegance and style. Ready to Transform Your Space? Contact Iam-ness for a consultation and begin a journey of luxury and bespoke magnificence. Let's create spaces that not only reflect your prestige but resonate with your dreams. Reach out today to start your personalized decor journey.


My husband and I hired Esther to help us brighten up our home. Esther's talent for understanding color theory truly blew us away. Her insightful questions helped us discover hidden desires for our space, resulting in a color palette that perfectly captured our personalities. I never knew a cornice board could become such a stunning focal point! The color combination, the rich textures, and the subtle highlights blew me away. The installation went smoother than expected, her team was truly professional. I will definitely tell my friends and family about her service. Thank you, Esther, for transforming our home from average into luxurious.

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